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Layup in layman term means “parking” for ship / rigs when it is not being put under production. As oil price fluctuates, drilling contracts could get terminated by oil & gas company due to diminishing profit margin. Hence, there will be a lot of drill ship / rig that are not producing and being parked around different drilling points. However, any drill ship / rig requires maintenance; that is when wear & tear, manning costs, fuel & insurance costs kick in even though the drill ship / rig is not being put into production so it is important to optimize the costs associated to this asset. Company needs to preserve their financial strength to brave through hard time and also to carry out overdue maintenance / upgrades too. So when oil price recovers, the asset is ready to be put in production in a more efficient manner.

Opt in for layup (hot/cold) could be a perfect choice for vessel owners, there are a few considerations to make before deciding on each available option.

Maximize cost reduction during layup

Fastest reactivation when opportunity comes


Why Labuan?

The location is off coast of Sabah and a short boat ride from Sailion Shipping based in Labuan. The town of Labuan also provides a base for the Malaysian Armed Forces, including the Navy and Air Force. This strong local presence of military personnel and patrols means the area is widely considered to be highly secure and safe from the threat of piracy. In fact, there have been no acts of piracy since Sailion shipping launched its business in 1990. Labuan also has a modern airport and regular flights provide convenient connections to KLIA, KKIA, Miri and Brunei.

Our layup anchorage can fit more than 80 vessels at any time, each ship has a minimum safety radius of 1 nautical mile with each other, so there will be enough space for each space to carry out respective maintenance activities

Our full range of vessel support services

Our supported vessels are the following

  • Crew Change
  • Custom clearange
  • Variety of heavy lifts
  • Variety of heavy transport
  • 3 modes of transport, land, sea, and air.
  • Insurance coverage
  • Relevant authority approvals
  • Security escorts
  • Duty and tax determination
  • Complete preparation of documentations
  • Work permit application
  • Tax exemption and license application

Supported Vessels

Our supported vessels are the following

Noble Bully
Discover Luanda
Platinum Explorer
Deepwater Frontier
Deepwater Millennium
Deepwater Nautilus