Sailion Shipping

In Sailion, we manage a diverse number of different transportation and heavy lifting assets. Our specialized logistics solution was designed to cater every customer’s different need. Every asset that we own is being assigned to our dedicated operator and being maintained by our professional mechanic to ensure productivity is not compromised.

As an assets owner-operator, we have direct visibility on the availability of our assets which means we do not need to rely on any third party services in order to ensure deliverable. On top of that, we have a consistent maintenance schedule to ensure our assets are in peak condition to deliver exceptional value to our clients.

Prime Mover with Trailer

50 FT Trailer

45 Units

Prime Mover with Pole Trailer​

100 FT Trailer

2 Units

Pipe Handler

8 Tons

1 Unit


25 Tons

6 Units

50 Tons

8 Units

Truck Crane

3 Tons

2 Units


3 Tons

7 Units

6 Tons

2 Units

7 Tons

5 Units

10 Tons

1 Unit

Transportation Statistics


Shipment Processed Per Year

USD120 M

Cargo Value Transported Per Year

60,000 MT

Conventional / Loose Cargo Per Year

XXL & OOG Cargo Specialist

We provide transportation services for different OOG and XXL equipments from helicopters, risers, anchors or even large chain.

Special Offering - 100 Footer Pole Trailer

Special mention, our unique solution in transporting riser, instead of using a multi axle, we use a 100 footer pole trailer. In terms of cost and speed, 100 footer pole trailer is cheaper and faster.

Heavy Lifting Asset

Besides prime mover, we also have wide range of lifting asset & equipment to support all kind of logistics needs.