Sailion Shipping

Drugs & Alcohol Policy

Original Dated 13th March 2019

The objective of this drugs and alcohol policy is to help maintain a safe and health work environment. Its cove the use and abuse of drugs and alcoholic beverages.

The use, possession or trafficking in drugs is strictly prohibited. No employee shall be under the influence of drugs or carry such drugs while performing his / her work.

Any employee who found to be incapable of performing his / her work a safe and acceptable manner due to of alcohol or drugs abuse will be subjected to disciplinary action, including immediate termination.

Lion Transport Sdn. Bhd. reserves the right at any time to search any employee and his / her belonging while he / she is working within company facility and transport in enforcing objective of this policy.

Managing Director

Original Dated 13th March 2019
Policy Property of Sailion Shipping Sdn Bhd