Sailion Shipping

We are one stop integrated logistics solution provider from shipping agency, sea, air, land transport, layup service, warehousing service and bunkering. We have all the necessary support services, expertise & assets to support oil and gas activities.

Shipping Agency

A representative to help ship / rig owners to facilitate on boarding operations which include obtaining custom clearance & approval, arranging berth application efficiently to cut down on waiting time, arranging loading & unloading of cargo, coordinating transportation from air, sea and land.

Land Transport & Heavy Lifting

In Sailion, we manage a diverse number of different transportation and heavy lifting assets. Our specialized logistics solution was designed to cater for every customer’s different need. 

Marine Transport

Sailion Shipping Marine Transport services offer barge & landing craft to handle client marine transportation from offshore to onshore or vice versa to move heavy cargo on the sea.


Our warehouse is designed specifically to cater for our customers’ business requirements. By leveraging on our expertise in logistics, our client can optimize their supply chain network and can benefit from lower costs, reduced lead times as well as speeding up the transportation of equipment from offshore to onshore and onshore to offshore.


Sailion provides different grades of bunker fuels for drill ship and rigs. We mainly supply 3 types of fuels, Marine Gas Oil (Euro 2M), Marine Fuel Oil Type RME 180 (IFO 180 CST) and RME 380 (IFO 380 CST)


A cost optimization strategy for drill ship / rig which no longer have a drilling contract in place to layup at a cheaper place for maintenance and upgrade purposes.